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The DSTTi flash cart has received a firmware update, allowing it to run on the current firmware of the Nintendo 3DS system. This update should be applied from a DS, … Read More…

This is the AKmenu for the DSTT or DSTTi!!! the menu is exactly the same as the original AKMenu but loading games goes through ysmenu/TTmenu. When changing skin it will … Read More…

Alternative loader for DSTT to load commercial roms.


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downloaded from

Change log (v6.46):

removed 5459 – Art Academy (J) KOREAN PATCHED
fixed 5459 – Art Academy (K)
fixed 5478 – Das Haus Anubis Das Geheimnis des

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DSTTi firmware v1.4.1 for DSi v1.4.1 (v1.4.2C)

Copier les 4 Fichiers sur votre microSD

Lancer “TTi141UPGRADE.nds” comme un jeu DS et suivez les infos à l’écran!!!


Firmware proposé par … Read More…

Installation instructions:
1. format your microSD
2. put the files in from the DSTTi 1.4.1 fix.rar on your miscroSD
3. start ds
4. start dstt
5. start the TTi141UPGRADE.nds
6. … Read More…
Here Is A New Version Of Dstti  Gold Just For You Holiday Gamers!

12/20 Release!

You Can Also Find It At
But You Will get A 7z File From … Read More…

DSTTi Starter Pack v.1.2

-Moonshell 2 (with extras removed, such as morning timer, ttio, directboot etc.)
-TTMENU with latest infolib, and savlib (as of 3/5/10)
-Unofficial DSTT 1.17 kernel … Read More…

this is an update to the firmware, it includes the latest infolib, savlib, and extinfo as of 11/8/09 i did not make these files, i am simply posting them.

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This tool is used to check whether your DSTTi (not DSTT, TTi only) is a genuine unit or a fake/clone.

To verify the integrity of the checking app:

TTiCheck_v2.1.nds -

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